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Creating Direct Links (PURLs) to LHL's E-Resources: About PURLs

What is a PURL?

URL stands for Persistent Uniform Resource Locator.  PURLs are direct links to specific e-resources (articles, books, book chapters, databases, etc.). They are also called stable, durable or persistent links because they work consistently. Many links found in the address bar when viewing a resource are not dependable (especially those with the word "sessionid" as part of the link.)

In addition to locating the best link for a resource, you can also create a PURL using a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for the e-resource if one is available.

PURLs should be used when adding articles to Canvas.  By adding the LHL proxy prefix in front of the PURL, the resource will be accessible both on and off campus.

How to Create a PURL for Your Blackboard Course Shell

How to Create a PURL Using the URL

To create a PURL using the URL:

  1. Open the e-resource and find the best URL (see the Examples tab above)
  2. Add the LHL proxy prefix -- -- in front of the URL from step 1.


How to Create a PURL Using the DOI

To create a PURL using the DOI:

  1. Start with the LHL proxy prefix --
  2. Add
  3. Find the DOI for the resource and add that to the link at the end.


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