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LHL Computers & Software: About

Information on LHL's computers and software

About LHL Computers

LHL has 49 computers available (plus 16 more in study rooms).  All computers except the kiosk on the 2nd floor near the stairs for access to the catalog require a UAB Blazer ID and password or Guest login (available at the HUB) to log in. 

LHL's Blazer ID login computers are set to log out after 15 minutes of inactivity for your own safety. 

There are 36 computers on the 1st floor plus the 2 with scanners, and the 2 for temporary installation of your own software. There are 9 computers on the 2nd floor.

LHL 164 Classroom

Room 164 is set up as a small classroom with eight workstations and an instructor station and projector.  This room is for larger groups (6 or more) or groups who need to use the equipment.  Reserve the room through the LHL online scheduling system.

Collaboration Station (Mediascape)

Use the collaboration station located in study room 147 to connect your laptop or tablet to the dual monitors.  Up to 6 devices can be connected and 2 can be projected at a time.  Default connectors are located at the station.  Adapters can be checked out at the HUB if needed.


Saving Files

Users can temporarily save files and documents to the My Documents folder.  This is not a private folder and items will be deleted.  Users should not save files to the computer's desktop.

Note: When saving files from Firefox on Blazer ID login computers, files are automatically saved to the Downloads folder instead of My Documents.  Any files saved to the Downloads folder will be deleted each night.

Installing Software

We have 2 computers at the back of the 1st floor which allow users to install their own software for temporary use.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

All library computers have the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDFs.

Adobe Acrobat Pro 10, for creating and editing PDFs, is available on the second group of Blazer ID login computers (C pod -- the second round pod).  Adobe Acrobat Pro 10 is also on both scanner stations.

Wireless Access

LHL is enabled with wireless access for two wireless networks. The recommended network for faculty, staff, and students is UABSecure. For everyone else, use UABStartHere.

For more information on setting up your device to connect to wifi, see UAB Information Technology's instructions on "Using the UAB WiFi Network."

If you are unable to connect to the wireless network after consulting the instructions above, you will need to call AskIT (205-996-5555) for further assistance.

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